How to Contribute

The Apache Pekko™ Community

If you have questions about the contribution process or discuss specific issues, please interact with the community using the following resources.

With GitHub, the Pekko code is split across multiple repositories. The links for GitHub discussions and issues above are related to the core repository. If you are aware of the right repository, then please use the discussions and issues for that repository.

Code of Conduct

Please see the Apache wide Code of Conduct.


The current list of Apache Pekko committers can be found in the Apache Phonebook.

All code merges require approval from at least 1 Pekko committer. Most Pekko committers are also members of the PPMC. Releases require that at least 3 Pekko PPMC members approve the release.

We are looking to build up the number of committers and PPMC members. We will invite people to join the team. This is based on meritocracy. Contributors who have become involved in the Pekko community and who have shown a good level of understanding of the Pekko code base will be considered. We have an outline of the process for becoming a committer on the Apache Pekko project on our wiki.

Code reviews and votes on releases can be made by anyone.